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Become a Corporate Sponsor 

Army’s Legacy relies on the dedication and generosity of our corporate partners. Your support helps us to make better lives for more animals.  In turn, Army’s Legacy helps companies meet crucial business objectives, giving customers and employees a way to get involved with an important cause and make a difference in the lives of animals in their communities. Our corporate partners know us to be collaborative, flexible, creative and business-minded.  


Events & Sponsorship

Sponsorship gives brands turn-key opportunities to engage with Army’s Legacy network of volunteers, vendors, partners, social influencers and like-minded organizations. 


Cause Marketing and Licensing 

When companies align with Army’s Legacy, they’re making it easy for their customer to support a cause they care deeply about. Cause marketing campaigns raise funds and awareness for our important work, while helping companies achieve targeted marketing and sales goals.


Philanthropic Impact 

For companies and foundations looking to make a measurable impact in providing hope and homes for Legacies, strategic investments in Army’s Legacy is a powerful way to ensure support of that mission. This kind of financial support is part of long-term, sustainable giving, helping to end the crisis of animals at risk and supporting a movement in respecting the animal rescue industry.


Customized Partnerships

The ability to create customized partnerships allows Army’s Legacy to be flexible and innovative in how we engage target audiences and drive brand awareness, sales, and loyalty. Whether a corporation’s goal is motivating and engaging their employees and team members, launching a new product, expanding their services and reach, or more, we are poised to work collaboratively to build an effective, creative, measurable partnership that ultimately helps Legacies enjoy life with hope and home.

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